The stay-at-home soapbox queen: Christina Evans

Christina Evans

I am a person who absolutely loves traditions. When I got married, my husband didn’t understand my need for doing things a certain way.

Traditions in my family are very important to us and can sometimes be a little quirky.  For instance, my mom, sister and I always have to watch White Christmas before Thanksgiving. We know every word, every lyric, and every dance move (even though we could never do them) and yet we end up talking through the movie. This year my dad actually asked, “Why are y’all even bothering to watch it?” Oh poor dad, he just doesn’t understand our tradition.

For Thanksgiving we gather with my extremely large extended family. Thirty-one people fill a small home to eat, visit and watch football. It can get so tight that last year my then one-year-old sat in a booster chair on the floor to eat. She didn’t care because she enjoyed the feast.

We’re outgrowing the house, but I don’t want to go somewhere bigger, because I love the closeness! We love being together. Not only is the gathering a tradition, but the food is as well. The same dishes HAVE to be at our meal or it’s just not Thanksgiving. I can’t even explain how amazing the food is and how talented my aunts and cousins are in the kitchen.

Imagine the homemade dressing, sweet potato casserole (which my husband compares to candy), broccoli rice casserole, green bean casserole and even homemade pumpkin cheesecakes and pies and much more! Without these dishes, it’s just another family gathering. While my pawpaw is no longer with us, his dressing recipe is. My me-maw has been gone for over 20 years, but her laughter and joy are in all of us. My uncle, who passed just last year, is with us in his love of food and being silly. You see, to me, the traditions are not just something we do every year just to do it. It’s the people we’ve always celebrated with and how we feel being with one another that make them special.

For Christmas, we will have our traditions as well. My mom will make about 6 dozen Mincemeat cookies. She will make (way too many) cookies because her mother made them at Christmas every year and so the tradition will continue. Not to mention they are delicious and we love them.

We started traditions for the holidays when my daughter was two months old. I knew she wouldn’t have a clue and still probably won’t remember them, but we’re doing them because I want her to enjoy all these fun times just as much as I did as a child, and still look forward to as an adult.

So, we will attend tree lightings, decorate gingerbread houses and of course see Santa and some lights while enjoying Christmas carols and hot chocolate.

I am a sentimental old soul, and I love my traditions! I hope you, too, can create some new traditions this holiday season.

Christina is a wife and stay-at-home mom to a busy, energetic, and wonderful two-year-old girl. She was a kindergarten teacher for 11 years and she and her husband currently work in children’s ministry in their church in Conroe. She has many opinions on many issues and loves having the chance to share them. She’s the stay-at-home soapbox queen!


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  1. I love Christina’s article! It’s so important for every family to establish their own traditions! Family traditions causes the gift to continue being given! The Father gifted us with His precious son and that gift continues being given! Kimberly may you and your staff be blessed with the precious gifts of the Father’s heart to make a difference in the turbulent world in which we live! Merry Christmas!


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